Solar PV

Solar photovoltaics (also known as solar PV) capture the sun's energy using photovoltaic cells. These cells convert sunlight directly into electricity, process called the Photoelectric effect. Thanks to new solar technology, they don't need direct sunlight to work – they will still generate small amounts of electricity on cloudy days.

Why invest in solar PV?

Solar panels have been installed on the rooftops of houses and other buildings in countries around the world since 1970s. Solar PV is now investable in Ireland due to our high rate electricity, can offer a seven year return and has a 25 year warranty due to the few moving parts. In recent years the number of installs of PV has increased exponentially.

Today, with electricity prices on the rise, energy bills and energy ratings are becoming more and more important when considering a new home or business premises. There has been a better time to consider going to solar.

How do Solar PV work?

Solar panels are made of a thin layer of semi-conducting material (usually silicon wafers) between a sheet of glass and a polymer resin. When exposed to daylight, the electrons in the semi-conducting material become 'energised' and causes current to flow.

A solar PV system consists of:

  • photovoltaic solar panels
  • an inverter
  • isolator switchers (for safety)
  • Mounting Rail

During the hours of sunlight, the photovoltaic panels produce electricity in the form of direct current (DC). Before it can be used in the home it has to be converted to alternating current (AC), using an inverter.


Solar PV panels are pretty much maintenance-free and should last for at least 25 years. Dirt will affect the efficiency of the panels, so the odd clean or visual inspection would suffice.

Cost and saving

A solar PV system does cost a few thousand euro to install but when installed in the optimum position, the system can harness over 1000 kW’s per kW installed.
If we pay 22c per kW including all the additional charges then a 1 kW system can save EURO 220 in the first year and the savings will increase year on year along with energy price rise’s which has been on average 7% per year since 1993
The more panels you can fit on your roof, the better. You will not only produce more electricity, but you also have made a better investment as the cost per kW will be lower.

The benefits of solar electricity

  • Cut your energy bills
  • Generates your own electricity
  • Cut your carbon footprint


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