About Us

Energyquotes.ie was founded in order to provide unilateral, unbiased advice and quotations to consumers on how to reduce their carbon foot print in the most cost effective, efficient way.

We all know that our planet needs us to reduce our carbon emissions and that this need is urgent. Every building in Europe is required to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

In Ireland’s 2019 Climate action plan, targets include an average 7% annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over the years 2021-2030, which equates to a reduction of 51% over the decade. There is a target of 70% of electricity demand by renewables by 2030.

Where can consumers get this knowledge, expertise and advice, quickly and effectively without spending endless amounts of time and money on this?

“As a Physicist, having worked in the Solar Industry globally for over 10 years, I have witnessed companies selling unsuitable products and services to consumers. This results in consumers not gaining the potential benefits from their investment. This leads to a bad reputation for the industry and renewable targets not being met. Energy Quotes would like to eliminate this problem by informing the consumer to make the right decision to achieve the best value for their investment”
Adam Lappin, Founder/ Managing Director

We have hand selected the most reputable, competitive companies to ensure that your installation will be completed efficiently, and safely.