Insulations refers to the materials which provide resistance to heat flow. When insulation is applied to a building, the flow of heat in and out of the building is reduced. Insulation should be installed in the ceiling, walls and floor.

There are four main types of insulation; External wall, Attic, Cavity and Internal wall Insulation.

As 35-45% of heat can be lost through walls in most residences in Ireland there is a great need for wall insulation. There are three types which can greatly benefit your property. 25% of heat energy can be lost through the roof.

External Wall Insulation

This can be a more effective method of reducing your heat loss and lowering your energy costs. This tends to be more costly, as it wraps around the whole wall and can have a decorative finish.

Internal Wall Insulation

Internal insulation is a good option if you would like to maintain the appearance of the outside of your property. This process also dramatically reduces your energy loss and can have a decorative finish inside your building.

Cavity Insulation

This system fills the gaps in the blocks used in your property’s walls. Typically with bonded beads to reduce your energy bills by lowering the heat loss.

Attic of Loft Insulation

Can be easy to install and less costly than the other methods. As previously mentioned 25% of heat can be lost through the roof, so it easy to see the benefits of this method.

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